Hundreds of puppies gathered in Williamsburg for cuteness overload

Hundreds of dogs gathered by the waterfront in Williamsburg on Sunday for BarkFest, a doggy palooza that took the word cute to a whole new level. Celebrity pups mingled with regular folk as parents tended to their little ones. They tried out agility courses, entered hot dog speed eating contests, cooled off in the splash zone, and admired (but mostly ignored) dog-friendly fireworks.

“I’m always looking up cool, fun things to do with Zook,” said Staten Island resident Melissa Hawkins, 27, of her 4-month-old pit bull. “We’re having a really good time.”

Zook happily gobbled up a hot dog, easily winning the speed eating contest for his weight class.

“Everything is food to him,” Hawkins said. “That was a perfect contest for him to win. Hands down.”