Chobani repurposes SoHo Cafe into food pantry amid COVID-19 pandemic



Chobani has redirected the focus of their Chobani Café in SoHo into a temporary food pantry, where employees are giving away free Chobani products beginning April 28. 

The café will open twice a week for the foreseeable future to give free products and support families and food bank workers. 

The Café food pantry is staffed by Chobani Café employees and volunteers from the #BeAShepherd initiative. Chobani is the Turkish word for “shepherd” and inspired the “giving back” values Chobani wants to embody at this time. 

“We launched the Chobani Pantry as a way to help give back to our local neighborhood and donate nutritious food to those in need,” President of Chobani Peter McGuinness said. “We’ll turn our Chobani Café into a temporary food pantry to help support our local community in these uncertain times. Nationally, we’re sending a truck a day to deliver products to food banks across the country where it’s needed most.”

Chobani will send a truck to the pantries every day to food banks who desperately need supplies across the U.S. They will also visit hospitals and other areas where front line workers are employed. The trucks will focus on areas like New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, and Detroit. 

Chobani is also using their online advertising, website and social media to benefit Feeding America’s digital brand. 

Chobani has already donated more than 1 million cups of yogurt across the U.S. 

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