Grab an Italian dessert this week from an Angelina Bakery vending machine in the Garment District

Angelina Bakery's vending machine options
You’ll find these sweet treats in the Angelina Bakery vending machine.
Photo: Stephanie Perez (@YeahFoodBeer)

Ever walked by a vending machine and been bored by the choices? Are taste buds craving something more than Funyuns, dry cookies and soda? Angelina Bakery recently unveiled its exclusive vending machine filled with homemade Italian desserts to the public. 

Located at Angelina’s Garment District location at 575 8th Ave, treats range from $5-$10. Flavors cover a spectrum of everything from mango to nutella to pistachio. The machine has over 100 items and is restocked daily. 

Featured desserts in the machine include the Angelina Pop, Cream Puffs and Cake Pops. The Angelina Pop are mini cakes available in 4 flavors (strawberry, tiramisu, pistachio & caramel, and mango) in soda can packaging for $10. Cream Puffs are $8 and cream flavor choices are chocolate, hazelnut, strawberry, Chantilly cream and pistachio. Cake Pops are $5 and are filled with either apricot jam, Nutella or chocolate. 

“We’re thrilled to launch our new vending machine, giving customers a taste of new, exclusive Angelina Bakery items on-the-go,” said Tony Park, founder of Angelina Bakery. “We’re excited to offer them a range of Italian specialty desserts and treats in a convenient way throughout the day.”

Angelina’s bakery behind the machine offers handcrafted pastries by Italian pastry chefs made fresh every day with quality ingredients. The location offers a transparent laboratory, so visitors can physically see their pastries being created. In addition to the Garment District location, there is also a location at 1675 Broadway in Times Square. 

The vending machine is at the specific location for a limited time, it will move across the city soon. For extra information on Angelina Bakery and updates, visit angelinabakery.com or pop into their Instagram at @angelinabakerynyc.