Pizza styles in NYC: What they are and where to find them

New Yorkers are living in a “golden age of pizza.”

That’s how Scott Wiener, 35, a self-described “professional pizza enthusiast” who founded his namesake pizza tour company almost 10 years ago, sees it.

“A few years ago, there was the risk of losing the identity of New York-style pizza, because New York slice shops were disappearing,” Wiener said in October, a.k.a. National Pizza Month. “But now, not only are they coming back, but we’ve got all these new styles.”

“New York seems like the great melting pot of pizza culture,” added the Flatbush resident, whose pizza tours include walks across Greenwich Village, the Lower East Side and Downtown Brooklyn.

Below you’ll find a guide to the regional pizza styles available at the fundraiser as well as at pizzerias around the city, from the homegrown New York variety to the Midwestern-born deep dish.