Relaunched bakery lets you take a bite out of Trump, RBG and other icons

Funny Face Bakery can ship its face cookies across the world now — even the Donald Trump. (Courtesy Funny Face Bakery)

The bakery behind the spot-on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders cookies that made headlines during the 2016 presidential primary, has launched an online store so you can get your fill anytime.

The former Cupcake Market in the East Village, now Funny Face Bakery on East Seventh Street, still sells cakes and other types of cookies, but it is now focusing on baking faces full time.

In addition to “The Talking Cheeto” (Trump) and “The Hill” (Clinton), there are dozens of cookies to choose from: Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Lizzo, Pennywise, a crying Drake, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, from Buddy from “Elf,” RuPaul, and even Post Malone with his face tattoos.

AOC (Courtesy Funny Face Bakery)

They’re almost too good to eat — each sugar cookie is cut out from a sketch by owner Sarah Silverman before it is painted on by an artist with royal icing. The process to do about 18 cookies or two sheets takes about three to four hours, according to Silverman. Each one is $21. Customers can also order customized cookies to look like their boyfriend, mother or dog, even.

But news and media dictate what sells at Funny Face Bakery, according to Silverman.

“Whatever is going on sells the most— we try to bring back 1990s things, but it’s usually current events that’s what’s popular,” she said, noting that her favorite sweet is Miranda Priestly from “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Buddy from “Elf” (Courtesy Funny Face Bakery)

Silverman, 26, not only works with artists to make her popular bakes but she is an artist as well. She attended the Savannah College for Art and Design before moving to New York City and working for a bakery, which she fell in love with.

She opened Cupcake Market in 2016.

“When we first opened, the 2016 primary was going on and I came up with the idea about two weeks before we opened and I thought it could be our whole ‘schtick,'” Silverman said about the Funny Face cookies. “We sold out that day and people kept asking for that — that’s when I found out that cupcakes might not be the main business.”

The new Funny Face Bakery brand and website officially launched on Nov. 4.

And now, people can order them online from across the world. Visit funnyfacebakery.com for more information.