Spend national cheese lovers day with Clinton Hall’s “Resolution Breaker” burger

Executive Chef Daryl Harmon holds a Resolution Breaker outside of Clinton Hall’s Financial District location.

No New Year’s resolution is safe from this concoction. 

Clinton Hall now has a whopping burger, smushed between two grilled cheese sandwiches with crispy pickles and even more that’s appropriately called “The Resolution Breaker.”

Though, it’s not just any cheese on that burger — Clinton Hall partnered with the famed Murray’s Cheese, which will also be offering the burger at its 264 Bleecker Street bar.

The cheese grilled up on this titan of a burger is a grandiose blend of Murray’s mac & cheese mix, with gouda, and fontina stirred in as well.

So naturally, the Resolution Breaker debuted on Monday, Jan. 20, which is not only Martin Luther King Jr. Day but also National Cheese Lovers Day.

The Resolution Breaker was created by Clinton Hall’s executive chef, Darryl Harmon — a man who’s no stranger to a ‘go big or go home’ approach when it comes to food.

“In the past we’ve experimented with donut grilled cheeses and so much more and this was something we wanted to do and have fun with for national cheese lovers day,” Harmon explained at his downtown workstation. 

So, what does the Resolution Breaker taste like?

Putting it simply, that burger is all the best parts of a diner-like meal put in to one. 

Harmon’s special seasoning on the burger, along with the pickles give the burger some texture contrast from the plethora of gooey cheese to give the Resolution Breaker quite the savory crunch.

After smashing down the two grilled cheeses, sinking your teeth into this one is a true ‘love at first bite’ sensation. 

If you manage to reach one of the burger’s ends, there is no dry, little bit of bun left as many burgers tend to be guilty of. Oh no, you just bite into a grilled cheese if that is to happen. 

“I don’t even know how many calories is in that thing,” Harmon said. 

The Resolution Breaker.

This Clinton Hall and Murray’s Cheese collaboration will stay on menus until Valentines Day, so while you have some time to try it, the clock is ticking on the Resolution Breaker’s existence.

Here’s some advice on what to do after scarfing one of these down: walk home instead of taking the train, run a 5K the next day, compete in a triathlon, etc.

You might burn half of the calories off that way. 

It’s hard not to be cheesy with a subject matter such as this, but some readers that don’t stomach dairy might be intolerant of those jokes.