The best spring break eats and drinks in NYC

Tipsy Scoop's Spring Break Sundae features margarita, sangria abd limoncello.
Tipsy Scoop’s Spring Break Sundae features margarita, sangria abd limoncello. Photo Credit: Corey Sipkin

Spring is the perfect time in New York City and the perfect place for the ultimate spring break. There are thousands of restaurants and bars where you can eat, drink, party and have an experience you will never forget – no matter how many two-for-one drink deals you find.

Here are some of the ultimate eats and drinks to try during spring break in the city.  

Have your alcohol and eat it too

Every flavor of ice cream at Tipsy Scoop is liquor-infused and has at least 5 percent alcohol content. The limited time Spring Break Sundae is no exception. Filled with flavors of strawberry white sangria, mango margarita and raspberry limoncello, the sundae is bursting with the tastes of spring fun. Topping off the sundae is a candy beach ball and sun glasses, gummy sharks, and of course, rainbow sprinkles.

217 E. 26th Street.

Let tequila take control with a 100-ounce margarita tower

The only rule on spring break is to have fun. With the 100-ounce margarita tower from Mad Dog & Beans, that rule will not be broken. This thrill tower is only available to groups of four or more and is enough for at least 10 servings. Margarita flavors include blood orange, mango, strawberry, blackberry, pomegranate, coconut, passion fruit, raspberry and electric blue.

83 Pearl St. or 5 E. 38th St.

Channel your inner King Kong and destroy a sundae

The Sugar Factory’s sundae is truly fit for King Kong himself, with 24 scoops of four different ice creams, three different ice cream sauces, caramelized banana, whipped cream, candy, freshly made donuts and cupcakes, ice cream cones and even sparklers. This super sweet sundae serves a group of 12.

835 Washington St., 700 8th Ave., or 1991 Broadway.

Sip on a magical cocktail with a hint of spring

If brunching with your best friend is the way to your heart, then Bagatelle is the perfect spring break spot for you. Their new spring cocktail, The Eleven, is filled with Cîroc Apple, lemon juice and simple syrup that changes color from blue to purple and then pink as you drink. Topping off the cocktail is a blue Butterfly Tea Flower ice cube and an edible orchid from Thailand. The drink for two even comes with a mini bottle of Moët champagne.

1 Little West 12th St.

Take a bite out of life on a rooftop bar

Rooftop bars are a New York spring favorite. At Cantina Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge, you can take that favorite height to the next level with The Big Ass Taco. The 18-inch homemade taco shell is an eight-pound fiesta filled with marinated chicken, homemade sauces, lettuce, lots of cheese and pico de gallo. The taco is the perfect centerpiece to see the skyline with a group of friends, especially on nights where there is live music.

605 W. 48th St.