St. Patrick’s Day food, drink specials in NYC

Feeling lucky this week?

You will be, after realizing how many restaurants and bars are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with drink and food specials.

And we’re not just talking about beer dyed with green food coloring. The largely secular holiday reveling in all things Irish brings with it limited-time whiskey cocktails, Lucky Charm-speckled treats, corned beef and cabbage plates and more.

We’ve assembled a whole gaggle of them below:

“Nutty Irish Man” cocktails and “Morning After” breakfast specials at Henry at Life Hotel

Walnut liquor is what gives the “Nutty Irish Man” its nutty flavor. Bartenders at the midtown restaurant (19 W. 31st St.), are mixing it up with Irish whiskey, amaretto, lemon and bitters for their special holiday cocktail. If you drink too many of those, come back the next day for a “Morning After” special, an Irish corned beef and cabbage pizza topped with pickled cabbage, mustard seed caviar, potatoes and eggs. Cleverly, both the drink and the brunch pizza are priced at $17.

Lucky Charm cake at Good Enough to Eat

Because you’ve never outgrown your pursuit of that “magically delicious” cereal, head to the Upper West Side eatery at 520 Columbus Ave. for an $8 slice of their special Milk Stout Lucky Charm cake. The two-layer cake is dyed a bright green, topped with frosting and decorated with cereal marshmallows.

“Luck of the Irish” cocktail at By Chloe

The fast-casual vegan chain is pouring a St. Patrick’s Day-themed Irish whiskey cocktail at its Bleeker Street, Rockefeller Center and Flatiron locations this month. The $10 drink is flavored with “The Giving Tea” juice (a blend of kale, spinach, wheatgrass, apple and lemon) and sweetened with agave nectar, and it’s garnished with a green apple slice and a kale leaf. (That way, you can trick yourself into thinking you’ve made a healthy-ish choice.)

$15 combo and $5 “Irish Car Bombs” at Warren 77

St. Paddy’s Day is the only day of the year it’s socially acceptable to drink beer dyed with food coloring. Grab a pint of the stuff, or a Guinness at this TriBeCa sports bar as part of a $15 special combo anchored by a cheeseburger. If that doesn’t quench your thirst, the restaurant and bar at 77 Warren St. is also offering $5 “Irish Car Bombs,” or stout fortified by shots of Irish cream and whiskey.

A “spirited” St. Patrick’s Day menu at Mustang Harry’s

Eat, don’t drink your spirits this week at the sports bar near Madison Square Garden. Mustang Harry’s “spirited” St. Patrick’s Day menu features three booze-infused dishes: a seared salmon glazed with juniper-lime agave and served with a gin and tonic beurre blanc ($27); a cottage pie stuffed with whiskey-braised beef, mashed potatoes and white cabbage ($20); and “drunken” mussels sitting in a Guinness butter broth and plated with wedge fries ($18). If you’re inclined to order something more traditional, Irish-born co-owners Ian and Niall Conroy are also offering a corned beef hash sandwich and shepherd’s pie at their pub at 352 Seventh Ave.

Irish mules at Virgil’s Real BBQ

Ok, we admit barbecue isn’t very St. Paddy’s Day appropriate. But Virgil’s $12 Irish Mule — a riff on a Moscow Mule made with Irish whiskey, spicy ginger, lime juice and orange bitters — definitely is. If your holiday plans take you near Times Square, stop by for a cocktail at the chain’s 152 W. 44th St. location.

Stout doughnuts at Underwest Donuts

From Thursday through Sunday, the artisanal doughnut purveyor is baking up batches of hop-infused cake treats finished off with an Other Half Brewing Maple Imperial Stout glaze and stripes of dark chocolate. Get yours at either the Penn Station or Westside Highway Carwash locations.

Matcha beer at Dig Inn

The fast-casual spot, a favorite among Manhattan office workers for its locally-sourced veggie sides, is serving a festive drink at its flagship SoHo location (70 Prince St.). For one week starting Saturday, March 17, you can pair your Dig Inn bowl with an $8.50 glass of a Peekskill Brewing Pilsner mixed with matcha.

Greens, eggs, and Taylor ham sandwich at Egghead

The egg-centric sandwich shop inside the Moxy Hotel (485 Seventh Ave.) is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Dr. Seuss-style, with a play on green eggs and ham. Until Saturday, March 17, customers can order an Irish cheddar cheese biscuit filled with fried eggs, kale, spinach and Taylor ham (a.k.a. sliced pork roll) for $10.

Corned beef with cabbage and potatoes at Katz’s Deli

The Jewish deli usually serves its corned beef with the condiments of your choice on bread, but this St. Paddy’s Day, its showcasing its secret “dry cure” pickled meat on a plate with cabbage and potatoes. Get your $22.95 plate at the original Lower East Side location (205 E. Houston St.) or the stall at the DeKalb Market with a $5 beer.

Leprechaun frozen margaritas at Jax B-B-Q

You don’t need a pot of gold to afford the holiday margaritas at this new barbecue spot in Hell’s Kitchen (496 Ninth Ave.). On Saturday, March 17, you’ll pay a happy hour price of $5 a glass of tequila, green apple and Grand Marnier until 8 p.m.

“Luck of the Irish Super Sundae” at Serendipity 3

The Upper East Side restaurant (225 E. 60th St.) known for its frozen hot chocolate has introduced a brand new frozen confection for St. Patrick’s Day. Served in a goblet, the over-the-top “Luck of the Irish Super Sundae” starts off with a giant scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream that’s doused in hot fudge sauce. All kinds of green treats — a slice of velvet cake, M&Ms, apple popcorn, lollipops and sugared whipped cream — rest on top. The $19.99 dessert comes with a marzipan ticket guaranteeing some kind of prize. (If you’re super lucky, you’ll score a $100 Serendipity gift card.)

Corned beef steak at Butcher & Banker

The combo steakhouse-speakeasy located in a former bank vault underneath the New Yorker Hotel (481 Eighth Ave.) is taking classic Irish dishes to the next level, with specials like corned beef steak served with horseradish and a mashed potato, cabbage and leek mix known as “colcannon.” You’ll want to order one of the $5 Irish coffees — a blend of coffee, Irish whiskey and housemade whipped cream — along with that red meat. 

Irish-inspired ice cream flavors at Van Leeuwen

Alcohol acts as an anti-freeze, making it difficult to incorporate into ice cream, but Van Leeuwen has managed to do it. The retro, small-batch ice cream parlor with multiple locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn is scooping two special libation-infused flavors through the end of March: Other Half Stout & Cookies, made with the Brooklyn brewery’s Breakfast Stout ice cream and house-made chocolate chip cookies; and vegan coffee, whiskey cake and cacao, a vegan coffee ice cream prepared with fair-trade Colombian beans, house-made brown sugar cake soaked in whiskey and cacao nibs. Prices range from $5.50 for a single scoop of the milk-based flavors to $10.25 for three scoops of vegan ice cream. A pint of the Other Half Stout & Cookies is $11, a pint of the vegan coffee is $12.50.

St. Patrick’s Day afternoon tea at The Palm Court

From Friday, March 16, through Sunday, March 18, Irish stepdance your way to The Plaza’s power lunch destination for an Irish-themed afternoon tea service. As part of the fancy $95 package, you’ll be served a flute of champagne and a wide selection of sweet and savory bites, including: mini corned beef sandwiches on rye; roulades of Irish rasher bacon; Irish smoked salmon and herb cream on multigrain bread; lemon shortbread; and Irish coffee fudge, made with Jameson whiskey and Irish butter. Make your reservation for Saturday between noon and 4:30 p.m., and you’ll get the added benefit of live harp music by Erin Hill (whom you might know as “The Pretty White Girl” from “The Chappelle Show”).

A post-St. Patrick’s Day hangover brunch at Tavern62 by David Burke

Chef Burke is serving up hearty, Irish-inspired specials as a complement to his new spring brunch menu on Sunday, March 18. Your headache-soothing options at the restaurant at 135 E. 62nd St. include: Scotch eggs with a vegetable relish and crostini; lobster bread pudding topped with a poached egg and Hollandaise sauce; and Guinness and chocolate panna cotta. If you’re feeling especially hungry, spring for the $50 three-course prix fixe meal, which comes with the added bonus of a hair-of-the-dog cocktail. 

Emerald vanilla shake at Black Tap

Mini marshmallows, green icing “shamrocks,” a Lucky Charms Rice Krispies bar, rainbow sour belt rope, gold chocolate coins — those all perch atop the Crazy Shake purveyor’s latest addition to its milkshake lineup. It’s $17 for one of these massive vanilla concoctions on St. Patrick’s Day at one of the burger joint’s four Manhattan locations.

Drink specials and free food on Grand Street

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl along Grand Street in Williamsburg extends from Redd’s Tavern (which is offering $3 shots, $5 beer and shot combos and $4 cocktails) to 4th Down ($5 Guinness pints and $4 shots of Irish whiskey). Other deals you might want to capitalize on this Saturday from 4 to 8 p.m.: $5 grilled cheese at Noorman’s Kil (609 Grand St.); free pizza with $4 draft beer or sangria purchase at Dar525 (525 Grand St.); and a $7.50 Jameson whiskey and taco combo at Los Taco-Mcondo (502 Grand St.).