Sweet Spaghetti from ‘Elf’ is real!

An Iowa food blogger has made Christmas a little sweeter this year.

Nick Lucs of Des Moines Foodster developed a recipe for an on-screen dish cherished since its debut in 2003: Buddy the Elf’s spaghetti.

Watching Will Ferrell stuff his mouth with candy-coated noodles may be tough to watch for some, but others can’t help but crave the sweet spaghetti.

Lucs developed a recipe using chocolate syrup, marshmallows, candy and more to deck out his pasta. “The first bite was enjoyable,” Lucs said. “I liked the chocolate and pasta together but once I went in for more of the maple syrup it was a little too much for me.” 

Slurping up this sugary spaghetti like Buddy the Elf may be a challenge for even the biggest sweet tooth, but what better way to get into the sweet holiday spirit!