Entrepreneur and wellness expert Tatiana Boncompagni talks Eat Sunny and staying healthy for the holidays

Tatiana Boncompagni
Tatiana Boncompagni
Photo: Masato Onoda

It can be quite difficult to decide what to put into our bodies on a daily basis when unhealthy foods are so easily accessible compared to foods that would make us feel better about ourselves. 

 Companies nowadays deliver healthy meals, making eating healthily less difficult, saving everyone from having to make a visit to the supermarket.

Tatiana Boncompagni started the company Eat Sunny, which provides customers with healthy meals. The company began with Boncompagni and a colleague launching a website where they sold e-books about diet and exercise. She started to hear that although the customers were doing so well on the program, they would eventually stop—not because they didn’t have time to work out, but rather because they couldn’t find time to make meals.

 She then made the decision to start a company that delivers meals as a result.

“This was a real problem in people’s lives I could solve. Making eating healthy easy, affordable, and enjoyable. Because it’s not that, people won’t stick to it. And when it comes to health, it’s all about consistency,” Boncompagni says.

There’s this common belief that ‘eating healthy’ is too expensive, which is very controversial in today’s society. When we can easily think about how big-name health food brands over-price food that everyone is supposed to have access to. As well as, If you cook you can definitely make healthy food that’s not expensive.

“Healthy food shouldn’t be expensive. I say, just as the sun shines on us all equally and without prejudice, so should healthy food be available to us all. This is food for everyone,” Boncompagni says. “Chicken, ground turkey, Greek yogurt, sweet potatoes, eggs, cabbage, carrots, etc. are all relatively affordable if you employ some smart grocery shopping strategies, too. Most people order takeout and from those fast-casual chains and that is the same price or more expensive than value-priced healthy prepared food like Eat Sunny or if you would buy the groceries and make it for yourself.”

Boncompagni, who is also a veteran health and beauty journalist and certified personal trainer. Is also a mother of three that is very passionate about healthy cuisine and showing others how to live and eat as healthily as possible.

“I believe that eating healthy should be easier and it should be more pleasurable, too,” said Boncompagni.

The company has received such positive feedback that they have received so many accolades, and their clients frequently tell them that their service is better than any other they have used.

“I really strive to provide great value — our portion sizes are pretty big because I want people to be satisfied. If you are hungry, you are going to grab something that isn’t good for you. So we design the meals specifically so they are satisfying and we do that by using lots of high fiber vegetables and grains and the right amount of fat and protein,” said Boncompagni.

With the holidays around the corner, Boncompagni says it’s okay to eat whatever you want. Sometimes it’s best to listen to your body and stay as much as possible on your regular plan and keep treats as treats. 

“So one or two egg nogs all season, not per night. Just get good with moderation and that idea — I’m going to have a few bites of this cookie,” Boncompagni says. “Look, you don’t have to finish it. No one is going to be offended. Drinking also is the biggest hurdle for most people this time of year because then it leads you to overeat the next day or during a party, so try to stay away from sugary cocktails and wine. I drink tequila and soda and of course, try to drink in moderation.” 

As the new year approaches us, Eat Sunny has a full lineup of freshly prepared, heat-and-eat comfort meals that are filled with superfoods.

“We basically took meals we all already love and gave them a superfood upgrade. So they are full of all the antioxidant-rich ingredients, high in fiber and all the immunity and overall well-being boosting ingredients that our meal delivery meals are full of, but you will be able to buy them right off the shelf at Fairway and Gourmet Garage and on Instacart,” Boncompagni says.

Eat Sunny is going to have their delicious meals in New York stores such as Fairway Market, Gourmet Garage, and select ShopRite locations, launching in March.

“This has been a dream of mine for a long time. It’s going to be a game changer for the company and hopefully all New Yorkers looking to eat healthy, affordably, conveniently, and deliciously,” Boncompagni said.

For more information, visit eatsunny.com and Tatiana Boncompagni’s Instagram for more health/beauty @tatiboncompagni

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