Tipsy Scoop partners with Sparkling Ice to create limited edition boozy sorbet

The new Tipsy Scoop flavor
Photo courtesy of Tipsy Scoop

With the holidays coming, Talking Rain Beverage Company®, the maker of beloved flavored sparkling water brand, Sparkling Ice®, has joined forces with boozy ice cream brand Tipsy Scoop to create a limited edition holiday sorbet flavor – Cranberry Frost Vodka Sorbet.

Sparkling Ice is bringing the return of their limited-edition holiday flavor, Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost with a twist thanks to the help of Tipsy Scoop. Combining the sought out beverage with lemon juice and vodka, this cranberry ginger sorbet will be sold in unique and festive winter-themed packaging, making it a refreshing festive treat for consumers to enjoy just in time for the holiday season. 

The collaboration will be available from Nov.1-30 at all three of Tipsy Scoop’s locations in New York City, Brooklyn, and Long Beach, as well as online for nationwide shipping. Customers have an incentive to get there early, because Tipsy Scoop will be giving away one free Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost bottle to the first 24 people who come in store, and then a sample for everyone else while supplies last.

A single scoop of the sorbet retails for $6.53, a double scoop for $9.53 and $14 for a pint, tax included. Online orders offer a pack containing 4 pints of Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost Vodka Sorbet. 

For more information, visit tipsyscoop.com/products/sparkling-ice-cranberry-frost-vodka-sorbet.

Tipsy Scoop
Photo courtesy of Tipsy Scoop

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