Turkey Ramen is now on the menu at Talde

Ramen is an ever-changing thing. The noodles act like buns on the Ramen Burger. They act like a taco on the Ramen Taco. They can be dressed in broth or dressed in sauce, Mazeman style.

And now, ramen has entered the realm of Thanksgiving.

Dale Talde recently rolled out turkey ramen on the dinner menu at his beloved Park Slope restaurant, Talde. (369 7th Ave., 347-916-0031)

Instead of pork, slices of turkey breast anchor this noodle dish. Creamed spinach wontons, stuffing roulade (stuffing rolled around a filling) and pickled cranberries round out the toppings. The usual noodles are also present, and the broth (gravy!) is mushroom-based and poured tableside. 

The item will continue on the menu after Thanksgiving (leftover turkey put to good use!) but an end date has not been set.

For $15, this is an Asian-influenced Thanksgiving miracle.