WoodSpoon will be serving free food in NYC

Mexican food table with traditional dishes. Chili con carne, tacos, tomato salsa, corn chips with guacamole. Mexican feast in hard light on blue color background, top view
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This weekend, you can experience some amazing flavors all bundled up in a small bite. WoodSpoon, the latest service that will bring you home-cooked meals right to your doorstep, will be giving away free samples in New York City.

This one-time pop-up food truck will provide New Yorkers with a taste of the diverse flavors and recipes WoodSpoon has to offer. WoodSpoon partners with local Home Chefs to bring you those homey flavors that restaurants just cannot produce.

WoodSpoon employs over 300 Home Chefs to provide its customers with a wide variety of menu options to choose from. You can access the service through their app or website. WoodSpoon’s goal is to foster a community based around sharing food. Chefs get to make money doing what they love while customers get to enjoy warm, fresh meals straight from the kitchen.

Customers can choose to either schedule an order, order on demand or even place catering and family-style orders. The service is currently available to users in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Philadelphia and New Jersey.

Currently, WoodSpoon is offering a special deal for new users, you can receive a discount of $20 on orders of $25 or more when using the promo code “spooner” at checkout.

There will be 2 pop-up truck locations. On July 23 the truck will be stationed at Bryant Park. Home Chefs Chunyen Huang and Saar will be the chefs preparing the bites. Huang will be serving pork and vegetable dumplings while Saar will be serving mini schnitzel and sabich sandwiches. On July 24 the truck will be stationed at Columbus Circle. Home Chefs Tequeño World and Yuhe Su will be the chefs preparing the bites. World will be serving cheese tequeños and tres leche desserts while Su will be serving seaweed egg tofu skewers and black sesame pudding.

Both trucks will serve these complimentary bites from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.