Spring fashion trends full of florals

With floral prints sprouting up everywhere this spring, designers are sending a clear message to their customers: this bud’s for you.

Whether you’re a teen or a senior citizen, there’s definitely some way to incorporate the season’s ubiquitous blooms into your wardrobe. “Floral prints are inherently happy, classic and they make it feel like a brand new season,” says Adam Glassman, creative director of O the Oprah Magazine. “And while they used to be reserved for spring and summer, they’ve even crept in to fall,” he says underscoring the trend’s staying power.

Gia Ghezzi, Intermix fashion director, agrees, noting that flowers “have a way of popping up each spring, but they feel totally fresh this season. We’re seeing them in lace, embroidery and bold, splashy prints. But they’re still as wearable and versatile as ever.”

Bold blooms and blossoms are not a hard sell, says Danielle Merollo, the director of personal shopping at the Americana Manhasset.

“Everything is about flowers this season,” she says. “Floral prints transcend all designers and all price points. It’s all very girly, very flirty and a little romantic.”

While Merolla is a huge fan of the flowery movement, she notes that shoppers don’t “have to go out and buy a whole flowered wardrobe.” So how to incorporate the season’s garden-inspirations? “You can just buy a flowered bag, a necklace or even shoes. It puts out the message that you are fashionable and on trend,” says Merolla.

Blooms can go in many directions, says Ghezzi. “Pair a floral blouse with black leather shorts or cropped denim flares to try something edgy, or wear a lace floral dress with a pair of bold heels for a dressier occasion.”

As for the how-tos, Merollo cautions agains a complete outfit. Pick and choose, she suggests, while noting that even “women who run big companies can wear a flowered blouse, a gorgeous flower pin or floral scarf with their beautiful black suits.” Glassman says, “If you’re nervous about wearing a flowered print, try one on a darker ground,” for a more slimming look. And, he adds, “I always think a little goes a long way,” though he’s not adverse to mixing florals with polka dots or stripes.

“Never underestimate the power of the flower, says Glassman. “Florals can be verrrrry sexy.”

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