FRAME Le Mix jeans are a great way to prove you're better (dressed) than anyone else | amNewYork

FRAME Le Mix jeans are a great way to prove you’re better (dressed) than anyone else

Prove your superiority with these limited-edition pants. 

FRAME, a Los Angeles-based denim designer that all the cool people are wearing (see: Gigi Hadid and her squad) is launching its very first deconstructed jean, the “Le Mix” on Tuesday, May 17.

These unique pants will be made from up-cycled fabrics sourced from returned denim pieces and overstock designs from the past three years. 

Only 400 pairs of these limited-edition jeans will be available, and Taylor Swift has approximately 399 close friends. 

The jeans will be available at Frame-Store.com in sizes 23-32 for the very affordable price of $449. If that’s out of your price range, try sourcing up-cycled denim from Beacon’s Closet and ramshackling a pair of pants together yourself. 

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