COVID-19 vaccine sites now searchable on MTA’s Live Subway Map

Photo by Dean Moses

If you’re planning to get the COVID-19 vaccine, you can find the best way to get to your vaccination site by using the MTA’s Live Subway Map.

The MTA announced Monday that it launched the inclusion of COVID-19 vaccination sites onto the interactive map, which normally provides riders with real-time information on how the subways are running, including service changes and arrival times for the next trains.

Users can click on a vaccine icon, located at the bottom right of the live subway map, to see the locations of vaccine centers across the city. Clicking on a specific site allows you to get information about the type of vaccine offered, as well as information eligibility and scheduling an appointment.

“We know that many New Yorkers rely on public transit to get to a vaccination site,” said New York City Transit Interim President Sarah Feinberg. “Just as we did by launching new bus routes in Queens and Brooklyn last week, this new feature represents yet another way in which New York City Transit is thinking outside the box to make sure that the people of this city can seamlessly access the vaccination sites.”

MTA Chief Customer Officer Sarah Meyer said that the new vaccine program shows the capabilities of the Live Subway Map in keeping commuters informed and make planning their travel through public transit much easier.

“We’re proud to play a small role in helping untold numbers of New Yorkers find out how to get up to date, accurate subway directions to their vaccination sites,” Meyer said. “As more sites open and the numbers of New Yorkers eligible for receiving the vaccine grows, we’ll continue to adapt and help keep the map up to date with the latest information.”

The Live Subway Map launched last year after running in a beta version. To access the map, visit map.mta.info.

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