Finalists announced for New York’s ‘Wear A Mask’ video ad contest

Photo via Flickr/Governor Cuomo's Office

Five finalists have been selected for the Governor’s “Wear A Mask New York Ad Contest.”

Led by Mariah Kennedy Cuomo, the contest called on New Yorkers to submit a short video that would serve as an ad to tell New York residents to wear a mask during the pandemic. Over the past two weeks, over 600 videos have been submitted to the contest, which has since been whittled down to five finalists.

Cuomo is now asking for New Yorkers to vote for their favorite ad online. Voters can view the videos before casting their vote.

The finalists include “Do The Right Thing” by Ian Bell, “We ❤ NY” by Bunny Lake Films, “We are Compassion. We are New York” by Skyline99 Studios, “You Can Still Smile” by Natalia Bougadellis, and “That Guy” by Plastic Tree Productions.

Voting will be open at coronavirus.health.ny.gov/wear-mask until May 25. A winner will be announced on May 26.

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