Interactive map shows if people in New York City are actually staying home due to social distancing

The Empire State
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A new study sought to find out if social distancing is really working in the country’s major cities by seeing if people are actually staying home during the pandemic.

The study, hosted by Voro, used the CityMapper app to track how many users in New York City were planning trips by car, mass transit and walking. As of April 1, New York City residents are planning 7% as many trips as usual, compared to 100% on March 2. 

Based on the data from CityMapper, New York City saw a slight uptick in ridership between March 2-8. However, by March 9 the number of planned trips began to decrease, eventually dropping to 85% on March 11.

Between March 11-19, the number of planned trips fell dramatically, eventually leveling out at 13%. The days following saw smaller decreases in ridership, settling at 7% by April 1.

Screenshot via voro.com

Read the full report at www.voro.com/is-social-distancing-working.

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