Ja Rule partners with charity to donate face masks to the homeless

Photo via Wikipedia Commons


ICONN and Knock, Knock, Give a Sock have partnered to deliver more than 3,000 masks to New York City homeless shelters. 

Rapper and actor Ja Rule created his own line of face masks and decided to partner with Knock, Knock, Give a Sock to donate them because he felt like the homeless were being forgotten amidst the pandemic. 

“We often forget about the one who needs us the most they’re deemed worthless, deplorable, the disenfranchised… but most are merely ppl who fell on hard times like a lot of ppl in this country are experiencing right now and could very well end up this way… COVID-19 is a message to mankind. hope everyone’s listening…,” Ja Rule said in an Instagram post on April 6. 

Since his post, Ja Rule has far exceeded his original pledge to donate 2,000 masks. He is now donating one mask for every mask purchased from ICONN.me/mask.