Report finds that New York has aggressive coronavirus containment, poorly-rated healthcare system


A study found that although New York ranked among the top five states with the strongest coronavirus containment responses, the empire state’s public hospital and health emergency funding rated among the worst in the nation.

Personal finance website WalletHub used 35 metrics to compare the states and the District of Columbia’s responses to COVID-19 coronavirus, placing emphasis on virus containment, infrastructure and risk factors and economic impact.

New York’s measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus, including encouraging people to work from home, heightened cleaning measures in public places, curfews and school closures earned the state a 4th-place spot on WalletHub’s list, outdone only by Maryland, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Despite the good marks on reaction time, the study points to New York’s healthcare infrastructure as a major cause for concern, ranking 47th in public hospital quality and last, 51st, in emergency healthcare funding per capita.

Read the full report at wallethub.com.

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