Temporary field hospital with 68 additional beds opens in Central Park’s East Meadow

Photos by Dean Moses
Photo by Dean Moses

A new temporary hospital facility is now accepting patients in Central Park’s East Meadow.

The field emergency hospital is comprised of 14 tents that contain 68 beds, ten of which are intensive care beds. The intensive care unit has 10 ventilators. The hospital will be staffed by doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and other medical personnel from the Mount Sinai system and 86 disaster relief specialists from the humanitarian relief organization Samaritan’s Purse.

“Our goal here is to serve the people of New York to show them the highest quality care to bring compassion and God’s love to the people of New York and to ease the burden of Mount Sinai Hospital to the best of our ability,” said Melissa Strickland, Senior Director of Communications for Samaritan’s Purse.

At this time, it is not immediately clear how long the temporary hospital will remain open.

“Right now we have not fixed end date. We are here to serve,” said Strickland. “We are not looking at the end. We are starting at the beginning right now and just wanting to get these first patients in as quickly as possible.”

Additional reporting by Dean Moses.

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