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BFX trainer Amanda Butler's wedding workout

How does a trainer get fit for her own wedding? We checked in with Amanda Butler of BFX Studio on how she's been preparing for her nuptials on May 9 in Mexico.


When did you start getting ready?

Physical fitness is a huge part of my life, so I am always working out. However, my fiancé and I started a wedding-specific workout program three months prior to our wedding date.


What have you been doing specifically?

We added cardio to our resistance training workouts. I have also personally started taking a private yoga session once a week. We also have been making dietary adjustments each month, cutting back on alcohol (just on the weekends) and making our own lunches and cooking healthy dinners at home. I have also added drinking a green juice and taking vitamins to my daily routine. The month of April we are going to cut way back on carbs. Almost completely -- except for sweet potatoes!


What kinds of results have you seen?

So far I have lost half an inch off my waist and my thighs. I am feeling great and excited to see the final results in May!


How much time should someone devote if they want to see results?

It depends on what level you are starting at and what your end goals are. For someone who works out four to five times a week, I would say three months ahead of time should be efficient as long as you are eating correctly. However, if you don't normally work out I would give yourself 9-12 months prior to start a workout routine and find out what feels best on your body. I don't believe in crash dieting and "quick fixes" because it is extremely harsh on the body, and then once that period of time is over your body will pack on twice the weight you got off. It's not healthy, you need to make it a lifestyle.


How much is too much?

There is a thin line of being determined and working towards your goals and then being obsessive. You shouldn't be doing 2-a-day workouts and starving yourself. You need to set out a plan that allows for transitions and adjustments along the way. For example, I love sweets and I couldn't cut them out completely 3 months ahead of time, so I am slowly "weaning" myself off of them and so when it comes to April I'm good to go!


How can someone maintain after the wedding?

You worked so hard for that incredible wedding day body, why let it go afterwards? Keep a weekly workout routine and get creative in the kitchen with your new spouse. Also, set a new goal: perhaps a 5K race with your spouse or a fun run with your girlfriends!


Amanda Butler’s wedding workout

Here’s what a week typically looks like for the trainer:

Monday: Tabata sprints and leg workout
Tuesday: Upper body workout
Wednesday: 3.25-mile run and abs
Thursday: Leg workout
Friday: Tabata sprints and upper body workout
For the following week, run 3.25 miles on Monday and Friday and do sprints on Wednesday while keeping the same resistance training schedule. 


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