Internet Cat Video Festival to make Manhattan debut

Talk about purrr-fect timing.

Just as New Yorkers were starting to run out of new cat videos to watch and almost resorted to interacting with other humans, the Walker Art Center is bringing its Internet Cat Video Festival to Manhattan.

You read that right. The feline fest will present a 70-minute compilation of cat videos, from “hiss-terical Vines to paw-some short films,” introduced by YouTube star Theo the Talking Cat. Sake “meow-jitos” will be served.
The cat-tastic show is going down on Wednesday, May 20, at 7:30 p.m. at Japan Society, 333 E. 47th St. Tickets are $20, or $16 for Japan Society members.

Admission, one drink and light snacks are included. There will be a cash bar if you want to get crazy.

It’s yet to be determined if watching cat videos in public is as much fun as watching them at home in your pajamas. Also, you have to leave your pets at home, so human interaction may be unavoidable, after all. You’ve been warned.

Get more information and tickets at japansociety.org.