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A foodie’s guide to Madrid’s Mercado de San Miguel

Madrid is the capital of Spain– and Mercado de San Miguel is the food capital of Madrid. In other words, it’s a foodie’s paradise.

Not only is the last standing iron market hall in the city a site to see, but once you step inside all of your senses are immediately stimulated. The smells of the frying seafood, the colors of the fresh fruits and vegetables and, of course, the tastes are simply overwhelming.

The market was completed under the supervision of Alfonso Dube y Diez back in 1916, and while its food is our main topic of focus here, it is by no means the market’s only purpose. According to their website, one of the concepts of Mercado de San Miguel is “to be a community of entrepreneurs. Each should be an expert in their field and enthusiastic about their product.” And with over 30 stalls ranging from drinks and quick bites to local and fresh produce to take home, they are doing just that.

There is nothing like being surrounded by people who are with you for one sole purpose: to eat. But the market can get really crowded. Try to avoid the masses by going during the week, or going early. And don’t be shy about sharing a table with strangers. There are many more people than tables at the market, so feel free to grab an empty space at any table you see. Most importantly, do not forget to pace yourself because there is a lot of really good food and it would be such a shame to become too full to experience it all.

Here are some of the best stalls in Mercado de San Miguel to make a beeline for.

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