New York’s most popular Mother’s Day ‘check-ins’: Facebook study

A Facebook study released for Mother’s Day this week revealed that although New York State has the lowest number of moms on the social media network, they all just want some baseball and barbecue on their special day.

Facebook compiled all its mom-related info to determine that Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, and Dallas BBQ are the top 3 spots where families spend their Mother’s Day in the Big Apple. The list draws data from Facebook check-ins that mention Mother’s Day-related terms over the last four years, and extends its range to a 10-mile radius of the city — meaning certain Mother’s Day hotspots in Jersey, such as Iberia Taven & Restaurant (Newark), and The Chart House (Weehawken) made the list.

The Bronx Zoo came in at number four. The Olive Garden found its way on to the list of matriarchal destinations at number 10.

California, Virginia, Hawaii, and New Jersey trailed New York for states with the fewest moms on the social networking site. Wyoming, West Virginia, Iowa, South Dakota, and Idaho took the lead.

1. Yankee Stadium

2. Citi Field

3. Dallas BBQ

4. Bronx Zoo

5. Saint Joseph’s Church

6. Iberia Tavern & Restaurant

7. The Chart House

8. Max’s Of Manila

9. Maracas New York Night Club

10. The Olive Garden