NYC fitness centers offer private birthday parties

For a birthday celebration that’s really to your health, consider a group fitness class. Boutique studios and training facilities in NYC offer fitness fiends the chance to celebrate their birthdays with private parties, customized classes and even their own playlists.

Throwback Fitness introduced the opportunity after regular clients asked if classes could be blocked off for their birthday parties.

“Usually the people who come in quite frequently, they know the types of games we play, and will come to us and request what they want to do,” said Brian Gallagher, co-founder of the midtown studio, which hosts one to two birthday parties a month. “We completely customize it to whatever they want, [even] their playlist.”

Rego Park native Bernadette Chan has marked her birthday over the past few years with a fitness event — one year it was a 10K in Prospect Park, another a session at Yoga to the People. This past weekend, the graduate student took a small group of friends to the indoor cycling studio Peloton Cycle in Chelsea for her 31st birthday.

“My workouts are the best parts of my days,” Chan said. “I can’t think of celebrating another year of life not working out, and I want to share that with the people I care about. There’s certainly a health component but there’s a gigantic fun component to it as well.”

And at $30 or $35 a pop, a fitness class is easier on the wallet than your typical night out.

“The way I see it: You go out to a fancy dinner you’ll spend much more than the $35 it costs to take a class at a nice boutique fitness studio,” Chan said. “I’d rather do a more affordable and less fancy meal after as a trade-off.”

If you’re looking to book a fitness birthday party in NYC, here are four places that can accommodate.