NYC is the least pet-friendly city in America, study finds

Your dog is (probably) unhappy in New York City.

The area ranked as the least pet-friendly city in the nation, according to a new study released by WalletHub. The main reasons why aren’t too shocking: money and a lack of space.

The average pet owner in the nation can spend between $235 and $2,000 annually on pet care and medical bills, the study revealed. Owners who rent in New York can also end up with an extra monthly rental fee for owning a pet — which can really cut into your toys and treats budget.

Comparing health and wellness costs and outdoor accommodations of 100 cities, NYC came in 100th place.

The one thing the city does have going for it, is its number of dog-friendly parks. Its 24th place park ranking was its highest, although still not very impressive. That score was offset by a low number of pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and businesses.

If you really want to please your furry friend, consider packing up his toys and heading to Orlando, Florida. The city ranked as the best area for pets in the nation.