NYPD officers rescue baby kitty from inside car wheel

The stray 2-month-old kitten brought traffic to a standstill.

The NYPD helped rescue a stray 2-month-old kitten who brought traffic to a standstill and escaped inside a car in Brooklyn Monday.

Geraldine Cassone flagged down officers Kenia Marte, 39, and Christopher Ranelli, 28, when she was at the corner of Ocean Parkway and Sherman Street in Windsor Terrace after the black cat crossed the street and caused a traffic stop.

The kitty then ran into the wheel of Cassone’s car, prompting the officers to jack lift the vehicle and remove the wheel.

Ranelli was able to reach the female kitten and put her in a towel.

“Although cold and wet, the kitten appeared to be unharmed,” the NYPD said.

Cassone said she plans on adopting the furry stowaway, but didn’t have a name for her yet.

Ivan Pereira