Patricia Field helps New Yorkers get stylish for the holidays

‘Sex and the City’ stylist Patricia Field helps pick your perfect outfit for Thanksgiving dinner.

Put away your eating pants, you’re going to look fabulous this Thanksgiving!

While what’s on the table may be a primary concern, who’s around the table is just as important. And of course, making the right statement with your outfit can set the tone for the rest of the holiday season. Meeting in-laws for the first time? Catching up with old friends? Academy Award Nominated and Emmy Award winning stylist Patricia Field has the answers to keep you looking good and feeling confident (at least, before you stuff your face with turkey and gravy…).

“Thanksgiving outfits really depend on where you’re going,” she said.

Here are some styling tips for any invitation.



If you’re going for a high fashion look on Thanksgiving, don’t be afraid to make a  statement. “Capes are very in fashion now,” Field said. She recommends wearing her poncho scarf with Comfy Jogger pants – i.e. stretchy pants to fit all that food in your belly. “A long top with skinny legs makes a fashionista statement, that’s the look.”


Meet the parents

Field recommends going classic for this one, as her experience looking stylish has backfired. “I once wore a blue wig when meeting the family, I don’t know why I did that, but I probably wouldn’t do that again,” she recalled — but she was just being herself. “A comment was made and I was like ‘Oh really, I didn’t do this intentionally.’ You don’t want to scare the family away!” In order to keep your significant other’s folks on good terms, try traditional styles like a sweater with a plaid, knee-length skirt. To style it up a bit, add an accessory like a leopard-print hat. “I’m not a parent so I like what looks good,” Field said.


For The Family

“Your family knows you better, so you can make a high fashion statement,” Field said. “They know you and expect you to come high fashion if that’s who you are! When I go to see my family, I always stand out.” In family photos, Field is always eye-catching with her bright red hair. Be yourself and get fancy with some extra pom poms or patterned leggings. If you’re into getting cozy and stylish, check out a STUDmuffin sweatshirt.


For Friends

“Your friends expect you to come put together and positive,” Field said. She recommends the LOVE sweater from her collection because it gives off good holiday vibes of good cheer, especially when paired with a polka dot skirt and kneesocks.



“If I’m hosting, I wear something comfortable,” Field said. She likes wearing a relaxed jumpsuit — accessorized, of course. 



Patricia Field’s boutique is located at 306 Bowery, 212-966-4066. For online purchasing, use promo code EARLYSANTA for 20% off full-priced merchandise.

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