Popular dog names of 2015 released by NYC health department

Max and Bella are New York’s king and queen of the dog world.

Those two names topped the city health department’s list of names for registered dogs.

There were 1,073 males named Max last year, blowing away the second place name, Rocky, by 319, while there were 1,127 female pooches named Bella, Lola came in second with 955.

The names were just some of the fun facts that the health department has about the city’s dog population which had 84,000 registered members. For example, the city broke down numbers by borough with Manhattan leading the pack in 2015 with 35% of the dog population followed by Brooklyn, 25%, Queens, 21%, Bronx, 10% and Staten Island, 9%.

Mario Merlino, an assistant health commissioner, noted that the stats are limited because only 20% dogs are licensed with the health department. He encouraged more owners to license their dogs, which can be done online.

Here is some of the other data.

Top Names Female

Bella 1127

Lola 955

Lucy 749

Daisy 671

Coco 605

Princess 571

Molly 565

Chloe 487

Luna 444

Sophie 411

Top names Male

Max 1073

Rocky 754

Charlie 715

Buddy 625

Lucky 568

Teddy 448

Toby 426

Jack 397

Oliver 345

Milo 340

Top names by breed

Terrier Diamond (F) Blue (M)

Beagle Belle (F) Snoopy (M)

Boxer Stella (F) Tyson (M)

Chihuahua Princess (F) Chico (M)

Border Collie Izzy (F) Bandit (M)

Dachshund Tina (F) Frank (M)

English Bull Dog Xena (F) Winston (M)

French Bull Dog Lulu (F) Gus (M)

German Shepherd Dog Heidi (F) Duke (M)

Golden Retriever Goldie (F) Buddy (M)

Greyhound Grace (F) Chewy (M)

Jack Russell Terrier Jackie (F) Jack (M)

Labrador Retriever Coco (F) Buddy (M)

Mixed Breed Lila (F) Fred (M)

Standard Poodle Dolly (F) Charley (M)

Pug Winnie (F) Mugsy (M)

Siberian Husky Sky (F) Snow (M)

Yorkshire Terrier Chanel (F) Gucci (M)