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Halloween 2014 in NYC: Creative adult costume ideas

Celebrating Halloween in New York City is always a good time, but we know you'll have even more fun if you're not out and about in the same old costume.

These nine picks, based on happenings this year in NYC, are sure to score you points for wit and creativity at any party you attend.

Arrest Me Elmo

Tickle Me Elmo is so 1996. All you
Photo Credit: NYPD;; Party City

Tickle Me Elmo is so 1996. All you have to do to pull off Times Square favorite Arrest Me Elmo is add a pair of handcuffs to your red ensemble and silently creep up on people all night. You won't be the most popular person at the party, but you'll score plenty of laughs, and maybe even make a few bucks.

Adult Elmo costume: $58.99 at

Handcuffs: $6.99 at

NYFW Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has sported many-- how should we
Photo Credit: @mileycyrus/Instagram; BadBunnyShop/Etsy; IluLe/Etsy; PenelopeMeatload/Etsy

Miley Cyrus has sported many-- how should we put this-- memorable looks, but the Internet went wild over the ensemble (or lack-thereof) she wore to Alexander Wang's New York Fashion Week party in September.

All you'll need for this one is some ice cream cone pasties (these are the actual ones Miley wore), cannabis-inspired earrings, and candy-coated sunglasses. (Her's were coated in pills, but this is Halloween, not Electric Zoo.) Tie your hair up Miley-style and add some pink glitter to your chest (or skin-colored T-shirt, if you prefer to be a little more modest), put on some black pants and make sure to stick out your tongue in every photo you take.

Ice cream cone pasties: $28 from BadBunnyShop at

Cannabis earrings: $10 from IluLe at

Sunglasses: $38 from PenelopeMeatloaf at

Joan Rivers

You may think it's too soon to dress
Photo Credit: LifesizeStandups; Shoptiques; OliniFloral/Etsy; Party City

You may think it's too soon to dress like late comedian Joan Rivers... but let's be real: Joan would love every second of it.

Paired with a Joan Rivers mask, any flashy yet fashionable outfit will do, as long as there's some mix of a flower brooch, plenty of jewels and fur or feathers, paired with a quick wit and snarky comments all night. Bonus: You get to judge all the other costumes, and no one can get mad about it.

Mask: $4.25 at

Blazer: $54 at

Flower brooch: $28 from OliniFloral at

Faux pearl necklace: $2.99 at

The Cronut

This Halloween, forget begging for treats, and dress
Photo Credit: flickr/PhilNolan; Bass Pro Shops; Meltonian; Joann; Zazzle

This Halloween, forget begging for treats, and dress up like SoHo's hottest dessert instead. Dominique Ansel's Cronuts take days to bake at home, but making your own Cronut costume is much simpler. Just get a plain, inflatable pool tube, some golden brown spray paint (make sure it's made for plastic!), and some felt for icing or a garnish, depending on what flavor you choose. Throw some sand on the spray paint before it dries for a granulated sugar effect, and wear a Cronut T-shirt (yes, those exist) to avoid anyone mistaking you for a donut (how basic).

Tube: $5.99 at

Spray paint: $7.99 at

Felt: $6.74 for a pack of 25 sheets at

All hail the Cronut T-shirt: $29.95 at

Mayor Bill de Blasio

If you don't have a lot of time
Photo Credit: Getty Images; Walmart

If you don't have a lot of time to spend making your Halloween ensemble, going as Bill de Blasio is an easy costume and a sure-fire conversation starter at ant NYC party. Shockingly enough, the Internet seems to be devoid of a rubber de Blasio mask like the caricature versions you've seen of so many other politicians, but have no fear. All you need is a life-size headshot of the mayor (thank you, Internet) with the eyes cut out, a craft stick to glue it on, a suit and tie, and your best corny dad jokes ready to go. (Oh, and if anyone happens to be dressed like a groundhog, avoid all contact.)

Bill de Blasio photo: Free

Craft stick: $6.33 for a pack of 1,000 at

Dad jokes: Priceless

The 'Friends' gang

Sadly, SoHo's Central Perk will close before Oct.
Photo Credit: NBC; Etsy/FRIENDSRahmen; Wigs US; The Big Zoo; Chef Works

Sadly, SoHo's Central Perk will close before Oct. 31, but this Halloween, which falls in the iconic NYC-based show's 20th anniversary year, is the perfect time for a throwback group costume. All you need is a key item to represent each character, such as a Rachel wig, Monica's chef hat and Ross' pet monkey, plus the famous picture frame to take selfies in all night. (Outrageously spacious Manhattan apartment not included.)

'Friends' picture frame: $38.93 from FRIENDSRahmen on

Rachel's 'The Rachel' wig: $33.95 at

Ross' 'Marcel' monkey stuffed animal: $12.14 at

Monica's chef hat: $6.16 at

Phoebe's hippie dress: $175 from CarlaandCarla at

Chandler's sweater vest: $34 at

Joey's turtleneck: $30.90 at

The G train

If you're the lazy type who shows up
Photo Credit: Jason Andrew; Utrecht; Blick; Zoro; Biz Aisle

If you're the lazy type who shows up late to everything and prefers to spend the majority of a party standing in one place, you may want to go as the perpetually delayed G train. This one will take a bit of craftsmanship, but anyone from Queens or Brooklyn will thoroughly appreciate the effort.

A blogger for The Chopping Block made a perfect subway train costume for his son, but this one works for adults, too. You'll need foamcore, silver spray paint, green construction paper, an adhesive such as duct tape, straps and patience (but if you ride the G train, you must have a lot of that anyway).

Foamcore: $9.49 at

Spray paint: $5.99 at

Straps: $18.26 at

Construction paper: $17.55 for 500 sheets at


Pregnant(?) Beyonce

2014 was full of Beyonce rumors. Is she
Photo Credit: Getty Images; Etsy/ginabarto; LuLu's; Target

2014 was full of Beyonce rumors. Is she pregnant? Is she getting divorced? We can't know for sure, but we suggest you steer away from the Beyonce/Jay Z couples costume (been there, done that) and go for the ambiguously pregnant Beyonce. Just rock a big, bold wig, and add a pillow under your sexiest romper. Then draw a big question mark and stick it over your bump. Will NYC have another mini-mogul in a few months? Who knows. But one thing is for sure: your costume will have everyone drunk in love. (Or maybe just drunk... you know how those Halloween parties go.)

Wig: $48 from ginabarto at

Romper: $70 at

Pillow: $7.99 at

Alec Baldwin or Amanda Bynes on a bike

Alec Baldwin and Amanda Bynes may not seem
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Alec Baldwin and Amanda Bynes may not seem like they have much in common, but to be either one, all you have to do is cause a scene while riding a bike through the streets of NYC.

If you go the Baldwin route, wear a visor and your best workout gear, and angrily shout "Don't you know who I am?!" at passersby. To be Bynes, bring out your best blue wig, ride through the streets yelling "I'm baaack!", and then proceed to blabber on about nonsense. (Go-to topics: Stalkers, ugly people and 19-year-old fiances).

Warning: Do not ride against traffic laws or throw bongs while in these costumes.

Gray wig: $18.75 at

Visor: $6.83 at

Blue wig: $12.99 at

Citi Bike rental: $9.95 for 24 hours, details at


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