Getting fictionally stood up by the fictional Mr. Big has not stopped Sarah Jessica Parker from creating something very real: bridal shoes.

The new collection launched Wednesday, but some of the heels looked quite familiar.

The SJP 'Maddalena' Pointy Toe Pump, which retails at $545 at Nordstrom, is a royal blue satin heel decked out with a glitzy "bejeweled vamp" at the toe.

In "Sex and the City: The Movie" Carrie has somewhat of a Cinderella moment in her new penthouse apartment with a pair of Manolo Blahnik Satin Pumps, available in royal blue for $965 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

While those were the "something blue" shoes to wear for 2008's "SATC" obsessed brides, couldn't SJP be a little more creative with her new 2015 shoe line?

Under a puffy Vivienne Westwood gown, you could probably wear a Manolo on one foot and the SJP original on the other, without anyone noticing the difference.