The Midnight Experience at The Cutting Room mixes aerial, burlesque and more

A special preview of The Cutting Room‘s newest show, The Midnight Experience, brought out all the stops.

In fact, there were some moments, i.e. when the host, magician Albert Cadabra (real name, we’re pretty sure) swallowed a six-foot-long balloon (an illusion, we’re pretty sure) that were more #MakeItStop.

Dressed in a black suit and a pink rhinestone-embellished tie that screamed “I’m a middle-aged redhead who wishes I had a quinceanera” — don’t worry, the entire outfit came off later as Cadabra stripped to his underwear during an only slightly uncomfortable audience participation bit — Cadabra set the quirky, must-drink-more-to-make-this-hilarious, tone for the evening.

Advertised as a performance of “Sex, Aerial & Rock’n’Roll”, 9:30 p.m. on a rainy Wednesday night perhaps drew out a less rowdy audience than the show’s regular 11:30 p.m. showtime on Saturdays.

Tickets start at $20, with an additional $20 drink minimum per person. Drink more (safely, of course) to make the most of your Midnight Experience. Compared to “Hamilton” prices — and ticket availability — this lowish-cost entertainment provides an unforgettable Saturday night. And yes, Snapchatting during the performance is allowed. We have a few highlights.