Bounce Blog ranks New York as second most popular TikTok destination

Times Square
Photo via Getty Images

The luggage storage company, Bounce, published a blog post ranking the top TikTok travel destinations and travel influencers. Claiming that TikTok is “one of the biggest sources of inspiration for where to visit on our travels,” the post ranks New York City as the second most popular destination. 

While New York City was previously ranked as the number one destination in 2021, it currently boasts 59.5 billion views on TikTok and is surpassed by top-ranked Dubai, with 81.8 billion TikTik views. Ranked third on the list is London, with 36.8 billion TikTok views. 

Whether it be the luxury, architecture, or views of Earth’s tallest building in Dubai, the culture, Broadway entertainment and iconic places like the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building in New York City, or the nightlife, parks and art scene of London, the top TikTok destinations have much to offer their visitors. 

The Bounce article ranks the top 50 destinations, as well as the top 25 TikTok travel influencers. In first place, with 8 million followers and an estimated $8,001 made per post is Alex Ojeda (@alexojeda). Reclaiming his top standing from the 2021 Bounce report, Ojeda’s content shows his thrill-seeking activities. 

Julia Thompson (@juliathompson) is ranked second, with 2.7 million followers and an estimated $2,701 made per post. Her content is centered around her backpacking and hiking excursions. 

In third place is the Australian TikToker, Jordan Tually (@jordantually), who makes an estimated $2,701 per post. His 2.7 million followers watch him travel all over the world. 

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