Man shot at Brooklyn ‘after-hours club’ party, cops seek pair of gunmen

Paramedics move the victim of a Nov. 1, 2020 shooting in Park Slope, Brooklyn to a nearby ambulance.
Photo by Todd Maisel

Detectives are on the hunt for two gunmen who shot and seriously injured a man during an apparent ‘after-hours club’ party in Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon, sources said.

Police say that the shooting happened at 4:27 p.m. on Nov. 1 inside the basement of 688 Union Street at the corner Fifth Avenue in Park Slope.

Officers from the 78th Precinct received a 911 call about the shooting, found the victim. a 30-year-old man, shot in the stomach and chest. Law enforcement sources said he was unconscious and was rushed to a Methodist Hospital, but his injuries are not life threatening at this time.

Witnesses said that two heavy-set Black men shot the suspect during what may be an apparent robbery attempt, then fled in an unknown location.The two men were wearing all black with black masks, though one man was wearing a red sweatshirt. Police were checking nearby hospitals believing that one of the men may also have been shot.

Two men were being held as witnesses to the shooting, one holding a metal detector wand, the other what was said to be a bag of cash. Inside the location, just below the Dime Savings Bank, was a table set up with bottles of soda and alcohol adorned with Halloween decorations.

Residents walking by were astonished to hear that a club may have been operating and even more surprised to hear a shooting had occurred in an area that is said to be unheard of. However, ony several blocks away on Sixth Avenue, an innocent bystander had been killed a few weeks back when men in two cars exchanged shots at each other.

“I live right there across the street, and came from Manhattan so I wasn’t here,” said Jessica Epstein, a resident across the street from the shooting. “I’ve lived here for 17 years, and I didn’t know anything was going on here. It’s always very quiet.”

One man who would not be identified said they were having a “weed party” in the basement, but police would not confirm that account.

Police on the scene of a Nov. 1, 2020 shooting at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Union Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn. (Photo by Todd Maisel)

The latest shooting assault happened a day after overnight shootings across the city left two men dead in the Bronx and Queens, and three others wounded in a separate shooting at a Harlem supermarket.

Shocked area residents couldn’t believe there was a shooting in their community in Park Slope. (Photo by Todd Maisel)
EMS removed the shooting victim to Methodist Hospital, where he was expected to survive. (Photo by Todd Maisel)