Levine silent, but still leads big in Manhattan borough president fund-raising race

City Councilman Mark Levine [Photo provided by Jake Sporn]
City Councilman Mark Levine
Photo provided by Jake Sporn

The New York City Campaign Finance Board has released further matching funds to candidates in races citywide this year, including that for Manhattan Borough President.

With $1,116,087 approved, Councilmember Mark Levine leads in the race in funding by a country mile, yet he declined to comment on his recent fortune.

Councilmeber Ben Kallos has come out in second with $393,794 and credited his grassroots donor base for driving his support. “Talking to New Yorkers every day I can hear our campaign is resonating with people–working people, not millionaires or the real estate lobby,” said Kallos.

“Working people from every part of Manhattan are the ones funding this race thanks to the campaign finance laws I helped put into place. So far we are very happy with where we are on receiving matching funds payments and confident we will be where we want to be very soon,” he added.

At $303,358, Elizabeth Caputo came in third, while former Deputy Secretary of Economic Development for New York State Lindsey Boylan came trailed at $259,783.

“In just the few short months since we started our campaign for borough president, we saw a surge of grassroots contributors across Manhattan who share our excitement for the most progressive policy platform in this election. It’s invigorating to have hit this milestone in less than half the time as any other candidate in this race, and to see our supporters lifted up by the City’s incredible matching funds program,” said Boylan.

“I’m so proud of the momentum we’ve built together in this race, from receiving the Grand Street Dems endorsement last week to hearing from grassroots supporters every day from across Manhattan. Today’s development enables us to keep amplifying our message and connect with even more voters on our path to victory in June,” she added.