Firebug cuffed for arson spree around Chelsea and the East Side

Suspect Patrick Glynn-firebug combo
Patrick Glynn allegedly went on an arson spree in Manhattan on June 2, 2021 that included a damaging blaze within Stuyvesant Park (r.), according to the Fire Department.
Photos courtesy of FDNY

Fire marshals slapped the cuffs on a 49-year-old man who allegedly went on an arson spree across Chelsea and the East Side of Manhattan earlier this month.

Patrick Glynn is accused of setting off a dozen separate fires between 4 and 6:30 a.m. on the morning of June 2, lighting up trash, debris and even two outdoor dining areas. Four of the fires occurred within Stuyvesant Park, and five of the trash fires extended to adjacent buildings, causing serious damage, the FDNY noted.

Firefighters were able to quickly bring all of the fires under control. 

“Arson is extremely reckless and shows a complete disregard for the lives and safety of others,” said Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro. “The quick apprehension of the suspect exemplifies the dedication of our Fire Marshals and their mission of bringing to justice anyone who commits the act of arson in our city.”

According to the FDNY, Glynn allegedly sparked fires at the following locations:

  • 201 East 12th St., setting fire to garbage which resulted in building damage.
  • 125 3rd Ave., ignited trash in a dumpster.
  • 64 West 17th St., torched debris under a scaffold that spread to an adjacent building.
  • 115 4th Ave., set fire to debris near an outdoor dining area, causing major damage.
  • 1 East 15th St., torched the exterior of a building.
  • 152 7th Ave., sparked a fire near an outdoor dining area.
  • 125 3rd Ave., set fire to debris in a garbage can
  • Stuyvesant Park, sparked four separate fires throughout the greenspace, damaging city property.

In addition to his arson spree, Glynn allegedly also destroyed a parked motorcycle at 232 East 12th St.

Glynn faces multiple counts of arson in the second- and fifth-degrees and an additional count of criminal mischief.