Protest over policing of NYC subways shuts station in Harlem

(Photo via Twitter/@AshAgony)

A protest over the policing of New York City’s subways briefly shut down a busy Harlem subway station during rush hour Friday, and news stations say multiple people have been arrested in the fluid demonstration.

News stations say hundreds of protesters converged Friday evening and marched on and near the major corridor of 125th Street.

Police spokesmen said they didn’t immediately have arrest information.

The New York Police Department tweeted around 7 p.m. that there were traffic and mass transit disruptions in the area.

A half-hour earlier, New York City Transit tweeted that three subway lines bypassed their 125 Street station for a time, then resumed stopping while police barred entry to the station for a while afterward.

The protesters are decrying what they consider heavy-handed law enforcement in the subways.