Celebrating the strength of women and the power of community: A decade of kindness at the Luisa Diaz Foundation Gala


The grandeur of The Plaza Hotel set the stage for a momentous celebration as the Luisa Diaz Foundation marked its 10th anniversary with a black-tie MAG gala. This annual event, a pinnacle of elegance and compassion, honored the indomitable spirit of women and the unwavering strength of community. This year, the focus was on two remarkable organizations: Safe Passage Heals and Sanctuary for Families, both dedicated to supporting survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. The theme of the night, “A Celebration of Kindness,” underscored the foundation’s enduring motto: “Kindness is Cool.”

A Decade of Transformative Kindness

The evening was more than a gala; it was a testament to a decade of transformative kindness. Attendees included influential international changemakers, all gathered to celebrate the foundation’s impactful work. The highlight of the evening was an unexpected proclamation from the New York State Senate, recognizing Luisa Diaz for her tireless efforts in advocating for survivors. In a touching moment, May 15th was declared “Luisa Diaz Day,” solidifying her legacy of kindness and dedication.

On a clear winning streak— last year, Mayor Adams immortalized the event by proclaiming May 18th as “Kindness is Cool Day” in New York City. To commemorate this, a Kindness is Cool festival will be held in Central Park on the anniversary, inviting the community to participate in a day of joy and solidarity.

Shining a Light on Crucial Issues

The gala’s star-studded lineup of presenters and performers was dedicated to raising awareness about the pressing issues of human trafficking and domestic violence. Consuelo Vanderbilt, the evening’s host, set the tone with a heartfelt introduction. The “Runway of Hope” fashion show, featuring survivors as models, was a poignant highlight. This year, the runway welcomed a trans survivor, showcasing the foundation’s commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

Pamela Morgan captivated the audience with her performance, and singer-DJ Chloe Jane elevated the night’s energy. Eyewitness News’ Kristin N. Thorne introduced the beneficiaries, highlighting the critical work of Safe Passage Heals and Sanctuary for Families.

Honoring Champions of Kindness

The event honored individuals and organizations with the “Kindness is Cool” awards. Peter Thomas Roth, Beatriz Gasca, and Jovani Fashions were recognized for their significant contributions to humanitarian efforts. The awards, presented by Candace Bushnell, Lynda Lopez, and Juliia Faist, celebrated those who have made a tangible impact in their communities.

Notable Attendees and Supporters

The evening drew a diverse group of notable attendees, including Luisa Diaz Brown, Alan Brown, Peter Thomas Roth, Beatriz Gasca, and Candace Bushnell, among others. Their presence underscored the widespread support for the foundation’s mission and ended in an exuberance on the dance floor. Formidable and stunning DJ Chloe Jane brought the heat and the elegance with show stopping grooves. Icon Nikki Haskell was seen twirling and causing a scene that could only be described as sparking women empowerment.

A Runway of Hope

The “Runway of Hope” was not merely a fashion show but a transformative experience for the survivors. After a year of confidence-building and styling sessions provided by the Luisa Diaz Foundation, these courageous individuals took to the runway, each step symbolizing a break from their past and a move towards a hopeful future. The show highlighted the profound journey from victimhood to empowerment, emphasizing that fashion can indeed meet compassion in powerful ways.

About the Luisa Diaz Foundation

Founded by former Ms. Venezuela International, Luisa Diaz, the foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations and individuals who uplift communities through acts of kindness. The annual MAG Gala, held in Los Angeles and New York, has become a beacon of hope and change, raising funds and awareness for critical causes. Luisa Diaz’s commitment to kindness is also reflected in her book, “Sexy is Timeless: Ten Timeless Sexy Assets That Lie within You,” which inspires readers to find strength and confidence within themselves.


The 10th anniversary of the Luisa Diaz Foundation’s gala was a powerful reminder of the strength that comes from community and the transformative power of kindness. By honoring and supporting organizations like Safe Passage Heals and Sanctuary for Families, the foundation continues to shine a light on critical issues and inspire change. As the survivors walked the “Runway of Hope,” they embodied the foundation’s mission: to move from darkness to light, from suffering to empowerment, proving that indeed, kindness is cool.

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