Getting around

Dear Transit Sam,
Please advise me on what to do. I received a summons recently for “No Parking” in the West Village. But, the sign was buried up in scaffolding about 12 to 14 feet high. It was impossible to see. Who would look up for such a sign? I disputed the summons and was given a reduced fine. Should I pay the reduced fine ($43) or dispute it again and possibly have to pay the original fine? If possible, please let me know quickly. I don’t want to incur a penalty.
Gina, Lower Manhattan

Dear Gina,
Given the well-hidden nature of the sign in question, you may have a chance at a dismissal if your sign was the only sign on the entire block. Did you walk the whole block to make sure there were no other signs present? If you’re unsure on other signage and you didn’t include any photos, pay the $43 (after all, it’s a considerable discount). If you’re positive that was the only sign on the entire block but didn’t include any photos, you could try for the dismissal and include photos of the block in your appeal.
Transit Sam

Dear Transit Sam,
I live near the 4/5/6 entrance on Frankfort St. Almost every time I walk to the steps at this station I pass people looking lost or am constantly asked directly how to get on the bridge almost every day. I think the problem is that there’s no signage to help these people. They think if they walk along the bridge they will find the entrance, when in fact it is in front of City Hall. Can you please help and inform the NYC D.O.T. that there needs to be signage for directions to the entrance?
Laura, Frankfort St.

Dear Laura,
I agree that signs to the walkway are limited. The NYC D.O.T. told me they’re exploring a pedestrian way-finding system that would make it easier to navigate around citywide, including the Brooklyn Bridge. I’ve also passed your feedback and this column along to the Downtown Alliance in hopes of getting additional signage more quickly. For those wandering aimlessly looking for the Brooklyn Bridge walkway, it’s located just outside City Hall Park on Park Row and Centre St.
Transit Sam