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Transforming a district for the new economy

 BY JASON D. PIZER  |  At Trinity Real Estate, our focus continues to be on Hudson Square, one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in New York. With low vacancy rates and solid demand, the future is bright. The neighborhood’s attractive fundamentals are complemented and supported by the new rezoning, which balances growth and stability read more here »

Staying patient but persistent amid frustration on key issues

BY KEEN BERGER  |  I have been accused of being too optimistic. My recent prediction for warm weather was immediately followed by yet another snowstorm. Optimism can be cloying. Consequently, you may be comforted to learn that I am disheartened. Years ago, as district leader, I decided to work intensely on three issues: education, immigration and read more here »

Stopping N.Y.U. and fighting for 75 Morton and women

BY DEBORAH J. GLICK  |  This is an exciting time for the Village. I am incredibly proud to be part of the successful lawsuit against the wildly inappropriate N.Y.U. 2031 plan. I have stood with the community from the very beginning of its struggle in fighting this overdevelopment, and in doing so, preserving the qualities read more here »

24-hour medical care returns to the Lower West Side

BY JOHN GUPTA  |  In the shadows of buildings that housed St. Vincent’s Hospital for 160 years, a new era of healthcare is emerging in a ship-like building that once served as the headquarters of the National Maritime Union, on the west side of Seventh Ave., between W. 12th and W. 13th Sts. As part read more here »

Delayed decades, L.E.S. mega-project set to start

In September, after nearly 50 years of inertia at the Seward Park Urban Renewal Area, then-Mayor Bloomberg announced that developers had been selected for a $1.1 billion plan for the site’s nine remaining city-owned lots at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge. The developers are L+M Development Partners, BFC Partners and Taconic Investment Partners.  DEVELOPMENT read more here »

Some amazing victories, but many challenges ahead

BY ANDREW BERMAN  |  Preservation of the historic architectural and cultural character of our neighborhoods is the mission of theGreenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. The past year, we’ve made some remarkable progress — including the largest expansion of landmark protections in Greenwich Village since 1969, and a stunning victory in court against N.Y.U.’s read more here »

Defending neighborhood character and small businesses

BY SARA ROMANOSKI  |  Entering our tenth year, the East VillageCommunity Coalition continues to address with concern the preservation of the neighborhood’s architectural and cultural character. In many ways we have made great progress; in others, the work has just begun. In the newly formatted, more accessible Web site   www.evccnyc.org, we have a read more here »

Taking control of traffic to increase street safety

BY BRAD HOYLMAN  |  This fall, the principal of P.S. 41 in the West Village saw firsthand the dangers of New York City streets. In front of the school’s W. 11th St. entrance, she witnessed an out-of-control taxi careen into a child and caregiver. Such accidents are not uncommon on our streets. According to the read more here »

Lower East Side: A livable neighborhood in progress

BY DIEM BOYD  |  As an organization, we believe that livable and diverse neighborhoods emerge and are sustained long term through an informed and empowered community. We are proud of our efforts that have brought those who were once active stakeholders back into the process, and have welcomed new people to claim a stake in read more here »

Focus on schools, park air rights, Meatpacking BID

BY DAVID GRUBER  |  Just when I thought we could have a breather on Community Board 2 after working through three ULURP’s over   …….the last two years and no major new ones in the pipeline, I have again been proven wrong (as are most of my predictions, although I did well with the Academy read more here »

As goes the city’s new mayor, so goes the Village

BY ARTHUR Z. SCHWARTZ  |  We Villagers like to think of ourselves and our community as something exceptional. If fact, it was the only community in the city where constituents tried to declare an independent republic. (That was in 1917 for history buffs.) And we have been, during the last 50 years, more successful thanread more here »

Fire safety to pre-K and protecting pets, a busy start

BY COREY JOHNSON  |  Of the many things I love about the ThirdCouncil District, one of them is its place in our city’s history. Everyone brags about their respective district, but the Third District has some of our city’s best individual landmarks and historic districts. The Greenwich Village Historic District is one of our read more here »


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