Alternate side parking suspended again until July 12

Cars parked along a city street with a canopy of trees overhead in New York City NYC
Photo via Getty Images

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Thursday that alternate side parking will be suspended again from July 5 to July 12. 

As part of an effort to “rethink” alternate side parking, car-owners will only need to move their vehicles once a week during the times that the rule is in effect. 

Alternate-side parking has been suspended for most of the novel coronavirus pandemic in order to minimize the amount of time New Yorkers spend outside of their homes. But the city reinstated the rule in May in order to clean the streets. The city suspended the rule again and later brought back the alternate-side-parking rule on June 29 with the new cleaning schedule. 

Mayor de Blasio called requiring car-owners to move their cars twice a week for street clearing ” unfair for to everyone” in a press conference on Thursday. After July 12, the city will decide if the rule needs to be brought back again.