Arrest in FiDi attempted rape

The Upper West Side crime blotter

BY LINCOLN ANDERSON | On Sun., July 14, police said they had made an arrest in an attempted rape in Lower Manhattan from the previous Sunday.

Police arrested Clarence Bradley for an attempted rape in the Financial District on July 7. (Courtesy N.Y.P.D.)

Clarence Bradley, 23, of the Bronx, was charged with first-degree attempted rape, first-degree robbery and public lewdness.

Police said that on Sun., July 7, around 12:45 a.m., Bradley approached a 73-year-old woman in front of 11 Greenwich St., near Bowling Green in the Financial District, and demanded sex from her. The senior refused and Bradley then reportedly proceeded to punch her repeatedly in the face, seriously injuring her and knocking out some of her teeth. The goon then took her bag containing $20 before fleeing.

The victim was removed in serious but stable condition to an area hospital to be treated for a broken eye socket, plus multiple cuts and bruising.

Two days before he was collared, police put out a notice for Bradley’s arrest, which included his name and identifying tattoos. According to police, he has “RIP JOE” on his right forearm, “OCT 11” on his torso, a mouth with a tongue sticking out on his arm, “CLARICE” on his left forearm and a red feather on his arm.

According to the criminal complaint, a police officer who checked surveillance video from the scene, said it showed that Bradley had his penis exposed at the time of the incident. Bradley reportedly subsequently told the officer that he was masturbating when he saw the victim; he asked her the time, then punched her eight to 10 times and took her bag.