Brooklyn Army Terminal’s substantial renovations celebrated on its centennial

City officials announced Thursday that the Brooklyn Army Terminal has been nearly fully refurbished, after decades of piecemeal renovation projects.

The city’s Economic Development Corporation unveiled another 500,000 square feet of newly revamped industrial space, which coincided with the former military facility’s 100th anniversary.

The city began overhauling the terminal’s roughly 4 million square feet under former Mayor Ed Koch and the current administration has prioritized the revamp, arguing it offers well-paying industrial firms a lower-cost hub. About one-tenth of the campus remains unrenovated, an EDC spokesman said.

“At the start of its next century, Brooklyn Army Terminal has become a job-creating engine where people are ideating, prototyping and producing, right in their biggest market,” the city’s Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development Alicia Glen said in a statement.

The city’s Economic Development Corporation said the new space should be able to accommodate up to 20 businesses, including the 3-D printed clothing company Tailored Industry, a semi-permanent tattoo ink developer called Ephemeral Solutions and the wood and metalwork incubator SPark Workshop Brooklyn.

Altronix, which creates low-voltage power supplies and electronics, and Jomashop, a luxury watch e-retailer, are both expanding their current operations at the terminal.

The terminal’s new space, which typically charges around $18 to $22 per square foot to small industrial firms, is more affordable than what is often charged elsewhere in the city, an EDC spokesman said.