Brooklyn cats rescued from hoarder up for adoption

Eight cats rescued from a hoarding situation in northern Brooklyn are now up for adoption, the ASPCA said.

Police and staffers from the organization’s Cruelty Intervention Advocacy Program, which helps in situations that range from hoarding to domestic violence, responded to the home in Sept. 2015, and found over fifty cats living there. The case was not deemed criminal, but many of the cats that were found are being rehabilitated.

“The vast majority of our current case load has been referred to us through the NYPD,” said Colleen Doherty, the program’s director, in a statement.

“Often an officer may respond to a report of suspected animal cruelty and make the determination that both the animals and the people need assistance. Sometimes the solution, as in this case, involves the owner surrendering the animals to the ASPCA so we can provide them with the medical and behavioral treatment necessary to eventually find a new, stable home.”

The eight cats that were rescued and can now be adopted range in age from two years to eight years old.

They include a brown and white tabby named Delphinium, who has become close pals with an orange and white cat named Sunny. They are always hanging out together.

“Some of the relationships are so strong that they have bonded and must be adopted together – like Delphinium and Sunny,” said Marny Nofi, a behavior manager and feline expert for the ASPCA.

“All of the cats, even the older, laid back ones, really like to play. A toy seems to light a fire in their little paws, and they can’t get enough of chasing and batting them around.”

Anyone interested in adopting some of the cats can visit the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan on the Upper East Side, on 92nd Street between First and York Avneue.