Call for Project Liberty extension

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has pushed the expiration for a 9/11-related mental health program back six months, Sen. Hillary Clinton said recently.

FEMA Undersecretary Michael Brown committed to extending the deadline of the Project Liberty program to next June from December, Clinton told reporters. The $132 million program provides free counseling to all New Yorkers affected by the World Trade Center disaster.

It took time for firefighters and others to come forward and seek help dealing with the aftereffects of the terror attacks, Clinton said. The Democratic senator said that victims of the Oklahoma City bombing received aid for up to six years after the 1995 bombing, and New Yorkers should at least be entitled to similar assistance.

“We can’t let arbitrary amounts and deadlines stand in the way of what people need,” Clinton said. Of the six-month extension, she added, “It’s a good start but it’s not enough.”

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