Can NYC restaurants survive the pandemic? Stratis Morfogen is betting on it


By Jill Carvajal

It is “Back to the Future” with Stratis Morfogen. No, this is not the name of a science fiction time machine but instead an entrepreneur and restaurateur who has made plenty of big bets in his career and continues to do so today in the midst of the pandemic. Morfogen tells Schneps Connects, CEO Joshua Schneps about his experience from local diners to founding Phillipe Chow to Brooklyn Chop House in lower Manhattan. Morfogen and his team stepped up to the “plate” and served NYC first responders in the earlier part of the year and is now gearing up to open a 14,000 square foot restaurant in the West Village and a series of automated and futuristic take out shops featuring no human interaction called Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and yes, they are located in Manhattan.

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