Cedar Street plans angers local rez

A new Department of Transportation proposal is frustrating Cedar Street residents such as Pat Moore. Per the request of the Fire Department, the D.O.T. plans to change the direction of traffic along Cedar Street from east-to-west to west-to-east. The objective is to expedite the response times of emergency vehicles, according to D.O.T. spokesperson Nicole Garcia.

The switch, Moore said, will result in longer, more expensive cab rides for Cedar Street residents and inconvenience deliveries to O’Hara’s Restaurant and other eateries on the block. “It means that, to get in front of my house [by car], you have to come down Liberty Street and pass by the fire station and Tribute [W.T.C. Visitor] Center. It’s always us [residents] that have to make concessions for everything,” said Moore.

Moore is requesting another stakeholder’s meeting focused specifically on the issue, where she and other Cedar Street residents may fully express their concerns.