Drummer Chad Smith aids in New York’s recovery through art at the MvVO ART AD SHOW 2021

Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers points to his work lining the walls.
Photo by Dean Moses

The MvVO ART AD ART SHOW 2021 at the Oculus at the Westfield World Trade Center culminated its exhibition with a special guest Friday morning.

Drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Chad Smith, known for his musical talents, lent his artistic expertise as a headliner of the show to this New York recovery program. On May 28, Smith visited the Oculus’s expansive screens to experience the exhibit first hand.

The show has exhibited a variety of mentally stimulating works from over 130 emerging and established creators since May 3. With the Big Apple only recently opening to full capacity, the effort to share curated artistry digitally with shoppers and commuters is undeniably a vital part of the city’s comeback story. 

Boasting over 22 screens, the Oculus at the Westfield World Trade Center has disposed of any gallery setting’s snobbishness and ultimately elevated the experience by sharing the creativity of artisans with the masses.

Whether an individual visited the open space with the intention of seeing the art or simply passed by on the way home and gave it a fleeting glance, those behind the show helped bring back human expression to a city clawing its way out of a historically turbulent year void of human contact.  

“What a great opportunity to be the beginning of revitalization after this crazy year. This is a great way, I am so happy to be a part of revitalizing New York, which is so important,” Smith told amNewYork Metro. “It gives me a feeling of hope and being creative is a hopeful thing.”

Smith was taken aback by the experience. Observing his work alongside fellow artists on the stretching screens, the vivid colors reflected on his astounded face. The iconic drummer circled the exhibit and excitedly posed with passersby as his art pulsated behind him.

“It’s kind of overwhelming, I’ve been in some galleries but this is different. This feels more inclusive and connected to the other artists. There are other great artists that are in the show, fantastic and up and coming really cool people and I’m really grateful and humbled to be included with the other artists,” Smith said, gushing when describing the winners.

Smith said he is proud that the top three artists all happened to be women of color, believing the show represents the diversity of New York City. 

Smith poses alongside CEO of MvVO ART Maria van Vlodrop and Chief curator Isaac Aden. Photo by Dean Moses

Jessica Alazarki, the first female advertising creative to win the CLIO Award for contemporary art since the inception of the MvVO AD ART SHOW joined in the revelry. In addition to winning the award, she also earned a feature on the exhibit’s content platform used by CLIO and a creative immersion day at NBC Universal.

Jessica Alazarki, , the first female advertising creative to win the CLIO Award for contemporary art since the inception of the MvVO AD ART SHOW. Photo by Dean Moses

“I’m honored and so grateful,” Alazarki told amNewYork Metro, who shared that this was her third time submitting to the MvVO AD ART SHOW, adding, “It’s really exciting seeing your work at the Oculus. It’s such a wonderful space and it has so much energy and as a New Yorker it has a lot of meaning.”

Although the 2021 show comes to an end on May 31, CEO of MvVO ART Maria van Vlodrop is excited to look to the future. In 2022, MvVO ART will be exhibiting in Westhampton Beach.  

The MvVO ART is coming to Westhampton Beach in 2022. Photo by Dean Moses

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