Chan thanks parents for believing in American Dream


Margaret Chan was inducted as Second District Civil Court judge on Dec. 7. In her speech, Chan spoke proudly of her family’s immigrant experience and how it shaped her.

“My parents, forsaking the familiar and the comforts of their lives, came to America with three kids in tow, so that their children would have a better education and enjoy the American way of life,” she said. “They wanted to fit in so much that they even brought with them a beautiful and delicate set of martini glasses and shaker, and they don’t even drink; but they saw it on television shows like “Father Knows Best” or “I Love Lucy” and thought that was the American thing to do. Good thing “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” wasn’t on back then.

“From their experience of growing up very humbly, they instilled in us that we remember where we came from, help those who are less fortunate, always be kind and give back to our communities. Mom and Dad, is this something you had in mind?”

Chan also gave thanks to local political clubs Village Reform Democratic Club and Village Independent Democrats and “members” of Coalition for a District Alternative and her campaign manager, Michael Oliva.